32th Month Project Meeting

On February 8 2017, the 32-month project meeting was hold in Lurederra Technological Centre. The main objective of this meeting was to summarize the advances executed by each partner, thus checking the general state of the project, as well as to plan the actions for the last stage of the project.

The meeting was attended by representatives from Lurederra (Spain), COOLREC (The Netherlands), MOS (The Netherlands) and INM (Spain)



Attendance to the event organized on the occasion of World Environment Day in Pamplona (Navarra)

On Friday June 3th, on the occasion of World Environment Day (June 5th), the Government of Navarre with Pamplona City Council and in collaboration with various entities, organized a program of activities with the aim to raise awareness citizenship various initiatives to achieve a greener economy.

Lurederra participated as a center dedicated to research and development of environmental improvements, showing its most prominent developments derived from national and European project, including bentonites. In addition, it has been distributed various brochures project information among attendees derived from sectors such as waste recycling and circular economy, natural areas and sustainable forest management, energy saving, insulation and bioclimatic architecture, mobility and sustainable production, local and ecological agriculture.

Bentomet stand2

Event of AEAS

“Vanguards in Science and Technology for Innovation in Water Management” was the topic for the public event organized by AEAS (Asociación Española de Abastecimientos de Agua y Saneamientos - Spanish association of water supply and sanitation) in Madrid on September 2015, in which Technological Centre Lurederra explained the different lines of work that currently are being investigated in the Centre to improve wastewater processes and treatments. Between these lines of work, BENTOMET project was exhibited.

The event was intended to be a forum for communication between scientific community and expertise companies in the treatment and management of water in general and waste water in particular and also interested parties with motivations in the current state of the water management



Cluster meeting

On July 23rd 2015, it took place in Lurederra Technological Centre a Cluster-Meeting with the main goal of exhibiting and publicizing the new products developed in the framework of the project “Recycling and reusing of all wastes produced during olive oil production in order to develop high added value products (RECYWASTEOLHIVA) – ECO/11/304331”.

Technological Centre Lurederra took this opportunity to invite partners as speakers of other LIFE and ECOINNOVATION projects related to recovery and valorization of waste, being BENTOMET project between them.

The Cluster-Meeting was considered very useful and productive by the audience taking into account their comments, asks and discussions. 


Foto Cluster Agroalimentaria

Workshop “New technologies for water treatment

The project BENTOMET was presented in a Workshop organized in Technological Centre Lurederra (Los Arcos) on November 17th, 2015.

The title of the Workshop was “New technologies for water treatment” and it has the objective of showing how important is the investment in RTD in order to achieve better process and treatments for wastewater, not only as a way to minimize the environmental impact, but also to a better exploitation of the economic resources.

Apart from projects partners, interested external parties attended such Workshop, mainly companies of different sectors of application such as chemicals, water managers and wineries.

The event attracted a considerable number of participants who were very active during the Workshop, asking questions, making suggestions and networking between them. So, the event was considered very successful.

Foto workshop WATOP

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